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Are you new to the turnaround industry? Please see the TMA University Recordings listed below. It is our hope that these short videos provide learning opportunities as you participate in this field.

2023 TMA Universities:

TMA University #1: Why is the Bank so Mad? Things borrowers do in a workout that don't sit well with lenders - https://vimeo.com/825267945
MA University #2: Banking. Help us understand what just happened- https://vimeo.com/826193875
TMA University #3: State of the Court- https://vimeo.com/882146313
TMA University #4: Fraud- 

2022 TMA Universities:

TMA University #1: Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)- https://vimeo.com/759283082
TMA University #2: Auctions and Asset Management- https://vimeo.com/759284429
TMA University #3: Turnaround and Real Estate- https://vimeo.com/759285487
TMA University #4: CROs- https://vimeo.com/788794831
TMA University #5: Role of the Board in a Corporate Turnaround- https://vimeo.com/789088127

2021 TMA Universities:

TMA University #1: Cash Flow- https://vimeo.com/642803146
TMA University #2: Basics of Bankruptcy- https://vimeo.com/675940150
TMA University #3: ABC's of Receivership- https://vimeo.com/642818896
TMA University #4: Corporate Health- https://vimeo.com/642794832
TMA University #5: Fundamentals of Turnaround- https://vimeo.com/675651804

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TMA West Michigan is an independent chapter  comprised 90+ members in the region. We regularly host networking meetings and educational events, promoting career development in the field of turnaround management.

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